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Dual diagnosis or co-occurring diagnosis is designed to treat both substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Many times a psychiatric disorder may be masked by drug and/or alcohol abuse and vice versa, so it is important to consider and treat both of these disorders for a healthy recovery.

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“Why should I spend the money on rehab if I’m just going to relapse anyway?”

This is a question that drug and alcohol addicts often ask themselves and their families, but it’s not without good reason. Many drug and alcohol addicts do relapse after treatment. While many factors can cause people to relapse, the biggest causes are incomplete treatment and a lack of follow-up care.

Most rehab centers provide instruction on addiction recovery techniques, but fail to uncover and provide treatment for the underlying psychological issues that initially led their clients to engage in addictive behaviors. This is called a “dual diagnosis” – a combination of substance abuse with a co-occurring psychological issue.

At 24 Hour Addiction Helpline, we provide individualized programs that combine instruction in addiction recovery techniques with confidential psychological and psychiatric counseling. We do this because, in most cases, underlying psychological issues have to be addressed for the client to achieve long-term recovery.

Unlike most rehab centers, we also provide follow up treatment and support on an outpatient basis to keep our clients on the road to full recovery.

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