Bath Salt Drug Recovery

Bath Salt Rehab – A Long Term Process

Bath salt is the new designer drug on the market which is sold as plant fertilizer or bath salt aid. It is marketed as a legal drug in many states which makes it easily accessible, and is sold under different names such as Sky Vanilla, Charge, and White Knight. It is even available over the counter and on the Web. Even though it is labeled ‘not for human consumption’, the popularity of the drug is increasing. As the addiction to this drug is serious compared to others, the addicts usually need a special bath salt rehab program to recover from it.

Bath Salts Use Linked to Paranoia, Overdose and Suicide

The ingredients in these products labeled as “bath salts” typically include mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), and users either snort, inject, or smoke the powder. These chemicals can cause paranoia, hallucinations, a dangerously rapid heart rate, and suicidal thoughts.

According to the Louisiana Poison Center, individuals who have taken bath salts have shown up “off the wall. Some of them looked like a true psychotic break.

Why Bath Salt Rehab is Necessary

This drug is extremely dangerous and the person will need medical attention to prevent any serious complications. Moreover, the effects will last for a longer period of time. Most people end up in emergency rooms in a medically unstable state. On one side, it provides the high that drug addicts are looking for. On the other side, it can cause high fever, severe muscle agitation, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. It is often difficult to calm down a person who has taken this drug. General anesthesia may be required in such cases.

If you or your loved one is addicted to this drug, do not hesitate to undergo bath salt rehab as long term or short term use may result in seizures, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, muscle damage, and even death.

The ability of this drug to make you psychotic has increased the number of referrals to drug rehab centers. No matter what your age is, this dangerous drug can cause hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, and extreme agitation.

The drug is highly addictive that you may experience strong cravings during the recovery process. In a bath salt rehab center, you can receive treatment from professionals who are experienced in treating people with designer drug addictions. You will get proper guidance to help you with the recovery process.

Bath Salt Rehab Process

Detoxification is the first step in the treatment of bath salt addiction and may last for three to seven days. As addicts have a higher tendency to harm themselves or others, close monitoring is essential. The toxic substances are removed from your body as part of the rehabilitation process. Intensive therapy and 12 step meetings are also given to learn coping skills that are necessary to stay away from the drug and avoid a relapse. Bath salt addiction is usually associated with mental problems. So, a combination therapy is highly recommended. Moreover, the recovery period will be longer compared to other addiction treatments. So, you may need to undergo treatment in a bath salt rehab center for around 90 days to achieve complete recovery. The treatment duration depends on the history of addiction and the response to treatment.

Even if you stop the use of drug, you may experience intense cravings and agitations for many months. So, extended care programs also have an important place in rehabilitation. You can choose a transitional care facility where you can continue treatment as an outpatient. Apart from bath salt rehab programs, support from family and friends can also make a big change to your life. Once you have recovered from addiction, make sure you stay in touch with addiction groups in your community to maintain your sobriety.

Don’t let ‘bath salt’ destroy your life.

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